Q-1. What is Rapid dissolving oral strip?

Ans. Rapid Dissolving Oral Strip is a new technology and innovative way of delivering nutrition efficiently and faster.


Q-2. Is it Vegan?

Ans. Yes


Q-3. Does it have long term usage side effects?

Ans. No. Its neutral


Q-4. What is HPMC E6?

Ans. It’s a patented technology from DuPont that helps create solid state of the formulation – strip form.


Q-5. Am I allergic to pharmaceutical grade plasticizers/ HPMC E6?

Ans. Its neutral entity and no records of allergy exist in any part of the world.


Q-6. What does Nanoveda denote?

Ans. This is a novel way of nanotizing Ayurveda ingredients to optimize bioavailability and decrease the unnecessary ingredient overload that happens in conventional formats like capsules, tablets, liquids and powders.

Q-7. How does active ingredient enter blood without going into stomach?

Ans. Nano particles do not need the breakdown and processing of stomach. It directly enters blood stream and is bioavailable to cells. Nano particles are smaller than body’s barriers and hence these good nano particles easily enter the blood stream.


Q-8. Is long term usage of Ayurveda safe?

Ans. Yes. Ayurveda has survived over centuries as safest and most effective way of healthcare.


Q-9. Will I get addicted to Nanoveda sleep?

Ans. No. The natural ingredients used are safest and most tested ones with no track record of addiction in any part of the world.


Q-10. Will Nanoveda Sleep improve my REM/NREM?

Ans. Yes. Quality of sleep increases REM/NREM ratio too.


Q-11. How does Nanoveda sleep induce sleep?

Ans. Nanoveda sleep acts by signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep. It also binds to receptors in the body and can help you relax. Additionally it eases insomnia and anxiety.


Q-12. How does nanoveda immunity induce immunity?

Ans. Nanoveda Immunity increases white blood cells- your defence system against infections.


Q-13. Will Nanoveda immunity protect me from Covid?

Ans. No clinical study exists. It certainly will help raise your defence system that could help you stay away from various infections.


Q-14. What is ashwagandha?

Ans. Ashwagandha in Nanoveda is one of the most powerful adaptogen known to the world. It is a discovery of Ayurveda.


Q-15. What are adaptogens?

Ans. Adaptogen increases body’s capability to adapt to stress and hence increase endurance.


Q-16. Will ashwagandha reduce my stress levels?

Ans. Yes. On disciplined daily usage ashwagandha is known to reduce stress. It is also advised to meditate so that body finds ways to rejuvenate and repair. No single ingredient can solve the stress puzzle.


Q-17. Will Nanoveda iron improve my haemoglobin levels?

Ans. It will surely assist in improving haemoglobin in normal healthy individuals.


Q-18. Will probiotics at nanoveda survive stomach acidity?

Ans. Yes


Q-19. Can nanoveda turmeric reduce weight?

Ans. No


Q-20. Is Nanoveda turmeric more potent than capsules?

Ans. Yes


Q-21. I have blood pressure. Can I take Nanoveda Energy?

Ans. No


Q-22. Can Nanoveda Energy improve endurance?

Ans. Yes


Q-23. Can Nanoveda Energy improve sex life?

Ans. It can assist . However sexual health depends on multiple factors like stress, genbetics , food , alcohol intake.

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