Busting Myths Around Probiotics

Busting Myths Around Probiotics: Things to Know

Probiotics are becoming an important part of the diet. They are healthy for your gut health as well as your immune system. But still there are some myths surrounding them. In this blog, we debunk these myths one by one.

Probiotics can replace medicines

Researchers study probiotics traditionally in combination with pharmaceuticals, not as a replacement for them, despite the fact that some patients prefer natural therapy.

Probiotics should be added to existing treatment plans or used as a preventative measure to avoid the need for medicine in the future.

They may aid in the prevention of colds

People frequently seek goods to enhance their immune systems so they are less likely to become ill.  While there is some preliminary evidence that probiotics may help prevent colds, there are no high-quality trials to back up this claim.

Researchers are still attempting to find out how probiotics assist the immune system and, more broadly, which ailments probiotics are most useful for.

They are all pretty much the same

Theoretically, each and every probiotic supplement on the market might be unique. Some probiotics contain only one strain of bacteria, whereas others include several. Differing strains of the same species may potentially be distinct, with different health implications.

Microbe concentrations might also differ significantly across goods. Because these organisms may have such a wide range of impacts on the body, it’s difficult for scientists to pinpoint their precise health advantages and mechanisms of action.

Researchers haven’t researched all of the hundreds of probiotic species yet.

Probiotics aren’t necessary for a healthy person

Contemporary life exposes us to elements that harm the gut microbiota. Combined with a tendency to consume a highly-processed diet that is high in sugar, simple carbs, and food chemicals, it’s not very ideal.  We are frequently stressed, take antibiotics on a daily basis, and unintentionally consume poisons through the water we drink and the air we breathe.

All of these things destroy the beneficial bacteria in our stomach, allowing potentially hazardous bacteria, viruses, and fungus to flourish. Taking a high-quality probiotic pill can help us restore beneficial bacteria in our stomach, repair damaged gut flora, and maintain a healthy gut flora in the future.

Probiotics with more bacteria are the most effective

More microorganisms in a probiotic product do not always imply a better result. Some probiotic strains only require a small number of bacteria to provide the intended effect, while others require much more.

As a result, choosing a probiotic that scientifically links to a specific health benefit at the level examined is even more significant. This implies that the acceptable amount is determined by the strain and the effect examined within a particular health region.

We should refrigerate the probiotics

Probiotic supplements include living organisms that are temperature, light, and moisture sensitive. Putting probiotic bacteria in a capsule and keeping them in the refrigerator does not guarantee that they will stay alive, and they can be killed rapidly. 

Fortunately, new technologies and superior coatings exist to allow them to be preserved for extended periods of time without the need for refrigeration. It protects the bacteria from moisture and heat by these coatings, which also provide stability and longer shelf life.

One of the new technologies includes supplement strips made from nanoparticles. NanoVeda’s Probiotic Strips are all that you need to fulfill your daily intake. Containing Bacillus coagulans, they help in maintaining your digestive health and fulfilling your nutritive requirements.

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